Classified Portal Company in Gurgaon
Classifieds Portal Development : Complete Classifieds Website
Features for Classified Ads Portal Manager
Manage your website and moderate everything with a variety of settings and options that are easy to bring about. The system is developed considering the usual challenges that one faces while managing an ad portal, which is another reason why controlling your ad marketplace is a hassle.
Classified Portal Company in Gurgaon
Robust Content Management System
No software gives you such seamless support to manage content as MadhuG Technologies does. It has a highly versatile CMS that helps you manage your website seamlessly. From managing users, payments to custom fields.
Classified Portal Company in Gurgaon
Classified Portal Company in Gurgaon
Payment Gateway Management
Admin can manage payments received from different types of ads at one place. With MadhuG Technologies it’s easy to view the list of ads with all the details like ad type, email of the advertiser, transaction date, validity, price etc.
Classified Portal Company in Gurgaon
Classified Portal Company in Gurgaon
Advertiser Category Management
Easily add a tree of categories and subcategories of a listing type allowing users to browse ads accordingly. The category manager allows you to manage categories, build SEO-friendly URLs and inherit fields from other categories.
Classified Portal Company in Gurgaon
Classified Portal Company in Gurgaon
Management of Advertisement Plans
We offer a wide array of options to administrators for earning money with their classifieds website. There is also a dedicated section, which allows admin to manage all types of ads and tweak them as per the requirement.
Classified Portal Company in Gurgaon
Classified Portal Company in Gurgaon
Email Template Management
It’s a solid email template management system that allows admin to send emails at preset triggers. This includes account creation, newsletters, or any other message.
Classified Portal Company in Gurgaon
Classified Portal Company in Gurgaon
Live Chat
Talk directly to your customers with a live chat facility, as they visit your website. A powerful tool to have.
Classified Portal Company in Gurgaon
Why is Classified Portal Needed Today?
When it comes to the free advertisement, there is nothing that can beat the publicity achieved by posting online classifieds. You can use the classifieds to advertise the buying and selling of your various things. You can buy and sell almost anything ranging from the cell phones to jobs to almost anything that you want.
Classified portal Company in Gurgaon
Easy Promotion
A classified offers an easy promotion in comparison to its contemporary sources. It directly takes an advertisement in the zone of targeted audiences. Classified portals enable an individual to bring its services or product categories in a proficient way.
Classified portal Company in Gurgaon
Brand Builder
Classifieds are the sources of brand building. If you are publishing your ads through notable ads publishing website, it gets valued a lot on the internet and helps in augmenting brand building.
Classified portal Company in Gurgaon
Cost Effective Promotion
The classified website offers a cost-effective promotion but bulk of customers. So, if you are planning to get a classified site built, then it’s high time to do this. You will not only be able to earn a good amount of money, but also this will be your great investment.
Classified Portal Development Services
At the time in the past and even today, classified ads are used to link both the sellers and buyers of products and services. Fortunately, the process of linking these two parties had been expedited with the utilization of technological advancements through online interactions. Every company that recognizes the need for a faster seller and buyer interaction will surely make their classified ads business run conveniently by placing this kind of business online.

Have the edge in business advertising by choosing classified portal development service provider that is competitive in this area and has a history of reliable quality output. We are the one who is unbeatable in this field. As we developed web portals in almost all kind of business, classified portal development is where we also excel.

Our dedicated customer service personnel are all set 24-7 to welcome inquiries and explain the basic things about our services. If you want to have a more deliberate discussion about your classified portal, website or web application, our business analysts are willing to assist you at all times.

Surely, your desire to create an online world where there is an efficient exchange of information between product sellers or service providers and their respective potential buyers is visible from our view. In your business’ mission, we will be there to take responsibility in expediting the dealings between buyers and sellers.

Matching of buyer requirements to the seller’s product and service specifications will be done easily through automatic linking of profiles and manageable processing of deal prerequisites.

We ensure that online buyers and sellers would prefer your classified portal as the venue to make a productive business because yours is reliable, user-friendly and precise in terms of payment transactions and delivery duration.

As you offer quality service to these sellers and buyers, we will back you up with a dynamic portal algorithm that fits your requirements. Make your classified portal development investment right the first time by choosing us.

Classified Portal Company in Gurgaon
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